Monday, 25 January 2010

All I want for Christmas is some functionality for my iTablet

I'll be clear up front, I'm not convinced that the iTablet actually exists - Apple are very good at mis-information and the online community sometimes needs to curb its enthusiasm! Anyway, here's my "Christmas list" for iTablet functionality:

1. At least 6 hours of battery life/ 1 week of standby
2. Integrated HSDPA and wifi
3. Reasonably priced books on iTunes!
4. Some mechanism to attach a keyboard and use it like a netbook
5. A decent GPU (iPhone games were my guilty pleasure in 2009!)

Not much to ask, is it? I think I'll be okay on 1,2 and 5. I think 4 is pushing it, as it'd cannibalise Macbook (Air) sales. #3 remains to be seen.

My view is that books have far less replay value than movies - I wonder whether a "books as a service" model similar to LoveFilm would be more likely to succeed than a straight up iTunes music model. I've forgotten how many times I've passed a paperback book onto a friend. The same simply isn't possible with eBooks because of DRM, so I suspect another model is required - a digital library for the twenty-teens? You heard it here first...

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