Monday, 18 July 2011

Killer Apps

A short post from me to day to flag that our new paper on success factors for mobile apps was published last week. Although it's quite a simple piece, the press coverage has been very favourable. Here's a few excerpts:

Sunday Telegraph - Sunday Telegraph
Silicon - Seven ways to stop your mobile app becoming a flop
Guardian - Most branded apps are a flop says Deloitte. But why?
New Media Age -Less than 1% of mobile apps hit 1m download mark
Warc - Branded apps miss the mark
Drum - Location information apps most downloaded, research finds
Computer Weekly - Deloitte: the killer app could be killed off
IT Pro – Smartphone users prefer Angry Birds to brands' application downloads.
Tech eye - Branded apps are a mirage
Inquirer - Nokia and Apple are leading European smartphone usage

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