Friday, 9 December 2011

What I've been reading this week

A short list from me this week as I’ve been travelling and therefore reading on the iPhone!

Breakthrough technology

If Intel can pull this off then it will give them an advantage against ARM in the mobile processor space. Our ability to fab smaller, faster architectures makes it possible to create processors with more tailored computing units, increasing efficiency and therefore decreasing power consumption

I just like satellites – an amazing piece of technology

The baseband processes radio signals and manages the wireless transmissions of a cell. Moving this processing into the cloud will be a trend in network builds in 2012 as operators seek to create more dense, but also more cost-efficient radio networks.

Media business models

I’m perplexed by this judgement too – there are lots of options for obtaining movies in the UK by all sorts of different means. This is a non-exclusive market and doesn’t need legislative or regulatory meddling.

Things are looking bleak for the broadsheet newspaper industry in the UK – the big question now is at what point the stereotypical “white van man” has an iPad rather than a red-top on the dash of the aforementioned van

Although I’m of the opinion that the role of social media in advertising is overstated, there’s no doubt that it occupies plenty of column inches. The infographic is pretty, if nothing else.

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