Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TV: Why?

September is a busy month in UK TV, with the Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival in late August, followed in close order by IBC in Amsterdam and the RTS annual conference at the end of the month.

TV remains the most influential media in the UK and in large parts of the rest of the world, so it deserves special attention. With apologies for the small advertising pitch, since I've had a (small) hand in the reports that Deloitte prepares for these important events, I thought I'd provide links to them as they're released.

First up, our annual Edinburgh Festival report, which answers questions such as "why we whinge about what's on TV and keep on watching" and "why a trillion TV ads matter". It's based on ongoing primary research into audience preferences and is definitely worth a read if you make TV, advertise on it or just want to know why you watch and whether you're typical.

Download it here.

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