Thursday, 25 June 2015

Demand and supply hypotheses for publishers

This is just a simple post to relay some thoughts I had on the ways in which digital publisher models will evolve over the next couple of years. I presented them at event this week and they seemed to resonate with the audience of publisher leaders. Comments much appreciated:

Consumption trends:

  1. Mobile users interact c.3.5x more with services than regular online users, so we should expect massively greater consumption as the mass market becomes familiar
  2. Aggregation is now happening at the handset, rather than on a service
  3. UX/ UI becoming increasingly faddy, mirroring social and mobile gaming trends
  4. Short form video playing an increasingly important role, disrupting much of the low-quality TV audience…
  5. …short term upsurge in vlogging may turn into a longer trend if grey vloggers capture an older audience
  6. Social media is fragmenting and the role of advertisers is increasingly seen to be negative
  7. News encompasses a much broader range of topics… but many of them are highly personal
Resulting supply responses means a proposition that entails:
  1. Highly personalised content and context, requiring login to consume for free
  2. Mobile-first contexts, operated by businesses employing lean startup techniques to flow with demand
  3. Local content anchors with niche global reach
  4. Telling stories in the context of the audience
  5. Creates micro-segments for advertisers based on demographics and life moments
  6. Dynamic ad pricing
  7. Merchandising content as product and actively manage the conversion funnel
  8. Providing data exhausts as products to other businesses
Not revolutionary, but I found it useful to put it one place!

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  1. You had me up until
    Merchandising content as product and actively manage the conversion funnel
    8.Providing data exhausts as products to other businesses
    What do you mean by these? Please can you give real-life examples.
    Many thanks - provocative as usual.