Thursday, 21 January 2016

A three layer model for media organisations

As you know, I spend an excessive amount of time trying to describe how Digital Economy businesses are different from Industrial Economy ones. A structure I've tried out recently is the one shown in the picture below, which is intended for a TV/ filmed entertainment company.

The idea is that the business can be abstracted into three layers:
  • A Presentation Layer, that enables their products/ service/ content to be accessed/ used/ consumed;
  • A Monetisation Layer that enables assets to be... well, monetised through the presentation layer; and
  • An Asset Layer that describes the explicit and implicit assets of the business

On the left side of the diagram are the traditional controlled and ordered layers of the Industrial Economy. On the right is the often unknown and anarchic world of the Digital. I think it's quite fun to play with, which you do by picking one square on the left and imagining how the squares on the right would change how your business operates and competes.

And of course the beauty of it is that you can add more squares as new technologies and trends emerge. Hope it's interesting. I'm going to continue to play with it, as ever!

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