Friday, 24 July 2009

Wireless power

This post is a quick intermission in my thoughts about future mobile design. When I talked about contact lens screens, I mentioned the need for wireless power supplies to connect devices to each other. The BBC today reported on a company called Witricity who have developed a wireless power system that connects the mains to devices using low frequency resonance.

I'd imagine that such a system is relatively lossy, however, when combined with ever more efficient batteries (driven in part by increasing demand from the automotive sector) or even portable fuel cells it could form the basis of a "personal power grid". A thought that occurs while writing this, is that the battery pack of such a device - or individual devices if the PPG* doesn't happen - could synchronise with power, just as they synchronise data over the air.

*: sorry, I can't resist a good acronym!

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  1. I realise that I meant "to power small devices", rather than connect them to each other. Mind elsewhere this morning!