Monday, 11 April 2011

Influence layers and active behaviour monitoring

Here's a nice presentation from Seth Priebatsch of SCVNGR about the addition of an influence layer onto the internet. The concept is to use gaming techniques to generate patterns of behaviour amongst users - not new but certainly powerful. It's also an interesting path that the mobile industry can take without garnering too much regulatory attention. Recent news from Germany on the way that telemetry can expose patterns of behaviour suggests that a harder line may soon be taken on the information retained by operators. Interestingly, this was something we looked at a number of years ago with a major operator, but decided not to proceed with because of data concerns. Perhaps the answer is a hybrid between manipulation of behaviour based on active monitoring and passive "nudges" (the SCVNGR model). If the user can be incented to score points, gain influence etc by the way they behave - where they go, how many calls they make, how many friends they meet, then they may be willing to share the telemetry data that empowers tight marketing and service targeting.

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