Saturday, 30 April 2011

Everything Everywhere - a misnomer

I notice that Everything Everywhere has once again posted disappointing results. Seems to me that the UK's least differentiated operator needs to find a proposition and find one fast if it's to maintain it's position as the largest UK mobile Telco (by subscribers, if nothing else).

Not easy in one of the World's most competitive Telco markets, but it strikes me that the answer might lie in the group's rather awkward name. How long will it be, I wonder, before a consumer can buy an allowance of minutes, data and VAS that are portable between devices? I know it goes against the grain - embedded after 25 years of habit - of one contract, one SIM, however, with that lovely new network that EE are in the process of (re)building and LTE on the horizon, perhaps now is the time...

...or perhaps it's just self interest. One way or another EE needs to find some traction, because Management can only go on about operational savings for so long.

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